About The Author: JA Pinora

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JA Pinora, is an Indonesian National Police Officer. In 1997, he was graduated from “Indonesian Armed Forces Academy / AKABRI Kepolisian“, and finished the study about “Police Science” at “PTIK” in 2009. Since Second Lieutenant, he was assigned in “Intelligence Headquarters”, has a lifelong domestic field experience combating criminals, narcoticsseparatism and terrorism activities.

He worked together with his best counterparts from Police, Army, Navy and Air Force in “Waspada Nusa“, a joint anti terror excercise in 2011 combating terrorism, as Intelligence Desk Officer, and he played significant roles for striking operation against terrorist’s threat.

After finished study at “SESPIM / Command And Staff College For Police Officer“, 2012  in Lembang (Bandung, West Java), he was a student in University Of Indonesia (UI) for “Strategic Intelligence Studies“, among his best friends from The Indonesian Intelligence Communities (I2C).

In 2014, he finished 2 years studies for Magister Science (M.Si / “Strategic Intelligence Studies“) from University Of Indonesia (UI), and then joint the Intelligence And Security Agency, BIK – INP Headquarters.


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